Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Marcio Garcia de Andrade: Hang-gliding to success

In the last ten years, Marcio Garcia de Andrade has founded many successful online companies, repeatedly establishing himself as a go-to leader for businesses looking for fast financing solutions. Among Andrade’s companies are several that promise fast unsecured loans, as well as others that help businesses elevate their credit rating rapidly, in as short a period as 30-60 days.

For example, provides clean corporate shells with histories and positive credit ratings, and enables client companies to help their credit scores skyrocket by partnering with host credit accounts owned by people with stronger credit. Both companies were founded by Andrade, and promise fast solutions for businesses in need.

“We are not only focused on getting businesses the necessary funding but we also help them to enhance their credit history to make them more eligible for the required business loans,” stated Marcio.

Grand Teton Professionals, LLC is Andrade’s current venture, which manages and coordinates professionals from around the world to help businesses achieve smooth, secure, and efficient operations with respect to programming, web design, marketing, SEO, administration, legal services, social media, content creation, human resources, and promotion. While Andrade maintains physical offices in Miami and a sales and services center in the Philippines, most of these professionals contribute from various locations internationally, including across the United States, South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, and India.

When he’s not managing one of his many companies, Marcio is pursuing his other passions, which include muaythai, bodybuilding, traveling, and hang-gliding.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade was born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, and studied finance at the University of Florida. During his studies, he founded, his first online company. He sold to Lendio in 2010 – it had been a huge success, consistently occupying the #1 position on Google search results for business loan services. Andrade later studied business at the London School of Economics.

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Friday, 8 September 2017

Is there anything Marcio Andrade can’t do?

Marcio Garcia de Andrade is a name you may not have heard before. But in the last ten years, he has founded numerous successful companies, and in multiple industries. As an entrepreneur his ambition seems virtually unparalleled, and he seems relentless in the pursuit of new online ventures that aim to help businesses succeed. Startup or established company, Andrade seems to have something for them all.

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Marcio Garcia de Andrade founded his first online company,, while studying finance at the University of Florida. was a huge success, consistently occupying the #1 position on Google search results for business loan services until Andrade sold the company to Lendio in 2010. Andrade also studied business at the London School of Economics. was the first of many companies Andrade would found within a ten-year period, several of which also help businesses acquire financing and improve their credit.

One of these is, which enables client companies dramatically improve their credit scores within 60 days. works through host credit accounts that are owned by people willing to help others who have poor credit. 

Andrade’s current venture, Grand Teton Professionals, LLC, recruits top talent internationally to help companies with programming, web design, marketing, SEO, administration, and legal services. Grand Teton Professionals’ remote team brings together professionals in all of these fields from across the United States and the globe, including South America, Eastern and Western Europe, Northern Africa, Asia, India, and the Philippines. Their professional marketers consist of experts in social media, video production, and blogging, whose work is united beneath Andrade’s leadership. Grand Teton Professionals works to ensure that their clients’ communication, web design and maintenance, content creation, promotion, human resources, and all other aspects of business operate smoothly, efficiently, and securely. Headquartered in Miami with a service and sales center in the Philippines, Marcio and his team coordinate most day-to-day business remotely from around the globe.

Andrade’s continued success creating online businesses structured for such remote management allow him to pursue his other passions, which include bodybuilding, muaythai, and traveling.
“When people ask me what I design, I reply to them that I design everything; and you can also do the same by designing your own life,” said Andrade in a recent interview. “With the right set of mind and the right approach, everyone can be successful in business if they are dreaming higher.”

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Tuesday, 29 August 2017

Marcio Garcia de Andrade - A Great Businessman

Marcio Garcia de Andrade Releases his book “Get Funded!: How to Get Approved for Unsecured Financing at the Lowest Rate and with the Highest Credit Possible.”

In this tough economy, getting yourself the money you need to start your own business, build your dream home or get your son to college. Many opportunities are missed due to lack of financing.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade, owner and founder of 99th Floor LLC tells us the secret on how you can achieve financial freedom through his book “Get Funded!: How to Get Approved for Unsecured Financing at the Lowest Rate and with the Highest Credit Possible.” The book explains the problems commonly encountered by those who are looking for unsecured financing, how to get the financing you need.

Marcio Garcia de Andrade has been in the financial services businesses for a decade and his vast experience and knowledge in this area. His businesses helped thousands of people in the United States get the financing they need in the shortest time possible.

Have you ever wondered what it feels like to get almost everything you want? Imagine purchasing that dream home you see online, seeing your kid graduate from college with ease or expanding your business to grow your business. With enough money, you can get all these and even more.

But to be honest to ourselves, money doesn’t just drop right in front of you or appear in your wallet when making a purchase. It can also be exhausting to keep submitting loan and credit application and keep getting rejected by banks and lenders. Most of us have been there before.

In this book, you will learn how banks and lenders determine whether you are qualified for a loan or not. It will also teach you how to overcome obstacles through techniques applied by experts.Several Businesses that Marcio Garcia de Andrade established helped thousands of people to reach their financial goals and have succeeded in helping people get the financing they need when they need it. helps people get approved for unsecured credit cards. It usually takes 60 minutes to get approved for application and seventy-two hours to get the funding they need. Credit experts help applicants by analyzing their credit situation and submit the applications for them to lenders who offer lowest rates and can give highest credit limit possible.

On the other hand, those who have bad credit or do not have credit at all can obtain a good credit score by adding tradelines to their credit report. Another business he established is Credit experts are always ready to walk you through the whole process and recommend the best tradeline package for your needs. By adding tradelines to one’s credit report, the person’s credit history dramatically increases and improves chances of getting the financing needed.

It has always been the mission of Marcio Garcia de Andrade’s businesses to help people get the financing they wanted and through his book, it is easier to get to know the secrets in getting the financing you need at the lowest rate possible and with the highest credit limit. It has always been his goal to help people to achieve financial freedom. Grab a copy now!

Thursday, 17 August 2017

Unveiling a Dynamic Virtual Business Builder

The power of the internet, the dynamics of online financial service offerings, and the conceptualization of real-time solutions for various businesses; all heave up different vibes that resonate with our 21st Century lifestyle and realities. At the heart of these developments lies a dynamic virtual business builder named Marcio Garcia de Andrade. This finance-degree holder from the University of Florida and alumnus from the London School of Economics has built many viable online businesses. He currently runs Fast Unsecured which enables business owners to access credit lines to fund and run their business. As a forward thinker and pragmatic solution provider, Marcio’s business interests span various nations of the world. His current passion is to teach others how to build great businesses. 
Household names connect us to the aspirations, dreams, accomplishments, and intrinsic qualities that mark each field of life. When you think baseball, you think Babe Ruth, computers and you think Bill Gates, basketball and you think Michael Jordan, and so much more. It would be incomplete to talk about the world of online financial services without making mention of Marcio Andrade. Professionally, he has carved a niche for himself that has earned him the respect and accolades that he has in his field. Interestingly, it had not always been this way for him as he honestly shares his story of his rise in the business which he started a few years back. He has learned the ropes and mastered the game. Now, he is eager to pass the torch to the next generation of entrepreneurs.
He is the President of MAIT Management Inc. and the highly successful Fast Unsecured. He also founded other top line organizations that have created programs that are impactful and enjoy rave reviews. Notable among his projects is the system he developed which allowed businesses to boost their credit score and access facilities. His innovation and products set the world of online financial services and virtual business on a whole new pedestal.
It is pertinent to note that Marcio Andrade has mastered his craft and currently offers training and support in the following areas: Creation and Optimization of Sales Funnel, Product Launch, Advanced Media Buying/Traffic Generation, Generation and Conversion of Leads, Strategies for Business, and so much more. He is passionate about helping people who are focused and have the desire to succeed. He is a key player when you want massive traffic and a higher conversion rate on your site.
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Name: Marcio Garcia De Andrade
Company Name: Mait Management Inc.

Monday, 14 August 2017



Inspiring entrepreneur, designer, adventurer, and a versatile personality, Marcio Garcia De Andrade has made several great achievements in the last ten years. In a wide range of industries for an overwhelming number of people, Marcio has not only inspired the people around him but has also set new standards for the aspiring entrepreneurs and determined individuals around the world. He studied finance at the University of Florida and the legendary London School of Economics before founding several ventures throughout his illustrious career.

“When people ask me what I design, I reply to them that I design everything; and you can also do the same by designing your own life.” said Marcio Andrade in a recent interview. “With the right set of mind and the right approach, everyone can be successful in business if they are dreaming higher.” he added. Marcio has been featured widely on media and is an avid traveler, who loves exploring different parts of the world. Moreover, his exceptional ability to understand everyone around him, especially the people he is dealing with has made him achieve the heights of success in the industry like nobody else.

Marcio Garcia is also a proud Founder, President, and CEO of successful ventures such as MAIT Management Inc., Know It Cloud LLC., and Jade Rock Enterprises, LLC. In addition, he is a successful real estate investor and a mortgage broker in the Sunshine State. Besides business, he also takes a keen interest in body building, Muay-Thai, Hang Gliding, and most importantly, traveling around the world and meeting new people.

He is a living inspiration and a true example of the American Dream for many aspiring entrepreneurs and motivated individuals who want to achieve it all at a young age. From technology to finance and fitness to brokering, Marcio is a true ambidextrous personality, who has achieved it all but still wants to go far. According to his friends and colleagues, he has a humble and a versatile personality and his company is an absolute pleasure because he easily blends into the surroundings and redefines it instantly.

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Wednesday, 9 August 2017

Marcio Andrade – Making a Difference in our World

The immense contribution that Marcio Garcia de Andrade has brought to the online financial services industry is bespoke. There are different variables, skills, knowledge, and transferable traits that he brings into the mix. Everyone who learns about Marcio will see how he rose from very humble beginnings to build various viable businesses. Marcio believes that anyone can rise to any height when they pay the price. His values, persuasions, and business-building skills have seen him raise leaders across the globe that are following his steps. Based in his native Rio de Janeiro in Brazil, Marcio operates many virtual businesses that are positively changing many lives in our world.

In a bid to foster the growth of entrepreneurship across the board, Marcio is currently pushing a mentor ship/coaching program. He has ensured that a well-laid-out plan has been put together to help anyone succeed. Marcio believes that people can get to a place where they do not need to work so hard to make money. He is open to sharing his systems that can help you generate decent income while they sleep. The spread of his interests from building private/corporate websites to helping business owners access credit for their organization has made him a leading voice in today’s world. He believes in, supports, and trains individuals whose products have a great transformational value.

With the growing number of individuals who have a misconception about what it takes to succeed online, this plan from Marcio is quite timely. He has been there, seen it all, and is a model for everyone who has a dream that they want to pursue. Marcio does not support get-rich-quick schemes. He works with those who have good ideas and products and are willing to follow his plan, which will help them succeed. Beyond giving the nuts and bolts of building a virtual business, he also shares tips/quotes that can raise people to new levels.

Marcio knows the pain of failure, the triumph  success, and the path to lead others there. With the new playing field of information and opportunities, you can position yourself to keep experiencing an ever-growing success. Marcio Andrade remains an icon that makes successful virtual businesses happen.

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Name: Marcio Garcia De Andrade
Company Name: Mait Management Inc.

Tuesday, 8 August 2017

The Making of a Creative Genius

Marcio Garcia de Andrade is an established online entrepreneur who has made huge strides in this last decade. With a career that has impacted various industries, he has worked with top organizations to create real-time solutions for a wide range of people. His quest to create a great and exciting platform for new entrepreneurs to grow is unparalleled. His numerous online businesses and virtual projects have received many positive accolades from private and corporate clients. The philosophy that drives Marcio is built on the understanding that everyone has the capacity to define how they want their lives. He ensures that each of his business service channels creates rich experiences for individuals.

The belief that creativity, excellence, and dynamic business initiatives transcend time has been at the heart of his operations. He creates a dynamic outlet that allows individuals to connect with their dreams while positively creating solutions in our world. Marcio’s values are laced with a well-acclaimed appeal that builds bridges across various people and cultures. The bond that is generated from his brand of leadership and business building framework has created an enriching atmosphere in various spheres of life. With the understanding that many organizations, individuals, and social groups are looking to expand the possibilities of what they experience business-wise,Marcio offers top line empowerment that cuts across the board.

Among the many innovative businesses that he has built, FastUnsecured has remain done of his leading brands. This virtual business has helped many organizations `secure credit lines to boost their businesses. Also, based on a unique synergy with other leading financial service organizations, entrepreneurs can boost their credit score, fast-track their access to credit, and so much more. Each of the channels in this dynamic initiative trumps the service that people get when they follow a conventional path. Marcio’s creative thinking keeps him looking for ways to give people a more fulfilling life and business building experience.

His rich base appeals to people of different faiths, economic status, and social strata. Marcio Garcia de Andrade has a graduate of finance from the University of Florida and is an alumnus of the London Business School. He holds other passions such as body building, Muay-Thai, hang-gliding, and traveling the world.
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Name: Marcio Garcia De Andrade
Company Name: Mait Management Inc.